Benefits The Foreign Trade Zone Program provides many little-known import/export benefits for a wide range of business applications.
  • Duty deferral. Inventory is brought into the Foreign Trade Zone and held without duties and taxes being assessed until the product leaves the FTZ, presumably to be fulfilled as a paid order to a customer.
  • Port Fees. For importers that are bringing in more than 1 container per week, there can be significant reductions in the port fees by utilizing a Foreign Trade Zone.
  • Duty Elimination. Inventory re-exported or destroyed without ever leaving the Foreign Trade Zone does not ever get taxed as a US import.
  • Speed to market. Product destined for the Foreign Trade Zone bypasses customs delays in the port because it will clear customs in the FTZ, thereby getting product available to sell sooner.


Vision Consumer Products Fulfillment has operated under a General Purpose Certificate in a Foreign Trade Zone for many years, bringing value and logistics expertise to our clients in a tight economy. We bring you SOLUTIONS based on decades of proven expertise.


Vision Consumer Products Fulfillment is a certified General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone - #276. We are members of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones, and we’re one of the few certified General Purpose Foreign Trade Zones in the Southern California area.