Predictive Packaging

In a fulfillment warehouse, size matters in shipping - using the right size box for shipping minimizes dunnage, improves the presentation quality of your order upon receipt, and most of all avoids costly dimensional weight penalties. Our proprietary predictive packaging algorithms insure the right size is always used in Vision Consumer Product’s fulfillment and warehouse operations.


Your E-Commerce web store is where it all begins – long before your order arrives to be fulfilled in the warehouse. In many situations this is the first chance you have to make a great impression with your customer. Then once you’ve established your foot-hold in their shopping adventure, you need to provide a hassle-free and modern e-commerce experience. We’re experts at providing users with the BEST shopping experience. Savvy web customers today expect both outstanding technology as well as an intuitive user experience. At Vision we provide the best blend of both.

Intelligent Order Sequencing

Ever seen a fulfillment warehouse use a manual order routing desk to sequence and prioritize orders for picking and packing? Ask them how they handle spikes in volume; how they optimize priorities in shipping service levels; how they handle tens of thousands of orders. At Vision, our fulfillment technology is second to none, and helps to always maintain our warehouse efficiency.

Vision does it by expert logic - planned in advance by the most intelligent business rules created to ship your product on-time, on-budget, and on-spec - every time.

Our system automatically routes our operations to fit your pre-determined best practice business rules.

Pick to Voice

Who says warehouse fulfillment is boring? Pick to voice is an exciting and adaptive technology. It allows our specially trained warehouse personnel the flexibility to pick, pack, and ship your product regardless of size, level of bar coding, and complexity of kitting.

Our system is also directed by our Intelligent Order Sequencing system. It’s like having your own personal pick and pack coach! It’s unique to our warehouse and fulfillment operations.